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Three Ways People Are Helping The Bee Population

Monday, Apr. 15, 2019

It’s been well documented that our bee population is in trouble. Without honeybees the world’s crop would be devastated because bees pollinate crops all over the world. We need bees like we need water and air. So, what can we do to help out our friendly little pollinators? Let’s see what other people are doing to give these hard workers a hand.

Morgan Freeman

That’s right, the actor, the man with the honey-toned voice, has done something so generous it boggles the mind. He converted his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi into a honeybee sanctuary. Freeman imported beehives from Arkansas and spends his free time feeding the bees sugar water to help them along.


An amazing side note to this story is that Morgan told Forbes that he doesn’t wear a bee suit or head cover while feeding the bees and he’s never been stung! Sounds like maybe Morgan Freeman has a touch of Robin from CHENDELL’s ability to speak with the bees. Check out this Forbes article about Morgan’s bee sanctuary.

The Honeybee Conservancy

The Honeybee Conservancy is an organization that provides free bees and education on how to care for them. Through their work, they have been able to reach students and professionals throughout the entire United States that may never have known the importance of honeybees.


The great thing about The Honeybee Conservancy is that by providing bees to inner city or lower income housing shelters, they are allowing those residents to take charge of growing their own fresh food. For more information on a truly amazing organization, click here!

Mikaila Ulmer

At just four years old, Mikaila was encouraged to join a business competition. While she was thinking about what sort of business she’d like to open up, she was stung by two bees! This started her fascination with bees. Using her Great Grandmother’s Flaxseed Lemonade recipe, Mikaila then sweetened it with local honey. After winning that competition (and many others since then) Mikaila set up the Me & The Bees Lemonade. A percentage of her profits is donated to organizations like Heifer International, Texas Beekeepers Association, and the Sustainable Food Center.


Now at 14 years old, Mikaila is keeping up with her bee friendly business and continues to encourage others to take a stand and help the bees. Check out Mikaila’s website here! And watch this great video all about Mikaila and her mission.

Bees are necessary for our way of life, without them, we’d all be in big trouble. Sadly, recent rollbacks in government protections, means that it’s once again legal to use pesticides that can kill bees. This is the kind of hit to our bee-loving community that will be hard to recover from, but maybe if all of us try to channel our inner CHENDELL and look to these three examples of amazing humans doing good for bees, we can recover the ground that was lost.