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Learning to Love Spider – From Afar!

Monday, Jul. 15, 2019

Did you know that if you dropped a spider from the Empire State Building, it would eventually land on the ground in good shape. Why? Because spiders don’t weigh enough to be affected by gravity.

And that brings me to the subject of spiders and other bugs too. I don’t go out of my way to kill them – or to kill anything for that matter. They have a life too and a place in the world. I know that most people, including me, feel that place is not in our houses. But bugs manage to come inside anyway. So I use my “bug wand” to suck them up. It is a tube-like contraption with vacuum power and then a cap to trap the bug inside. Once, I have it drawn in, I go to my balcony and send it on a flight.

There are several good bug suction tools on the market. For example, there is Bug Zooka, Bug Buster, Ohuhu Bug Catcher and My Critter Catcher. Most cost under $20.

A ladybug is my kind of insect but I don’t love spiders or many other bugs. If a spider accidentally falls on me, I jump 20 feet in the air. However, I do appreciate them. I consider them a good bug. And so do farmers. That’s because spiders control the populations of other insects. Think mosquitoes, aphids and cockroaches. There is a very large spider in Hawaii that loves to eat cockroaches! So spiders are a form of pest control and have the effect of decreasing disease by eating disease-spreading mosquitoes.

And while spiders can bite, most avoid people and their bites rarely cause a dangerous problem. But their venom may have medicinal value. Scientists are studying the benefits of spider venom in treating arthritis and other health conditions.

Then there is spider silk. It is one of the strongest natural substances. Mechanical engineers are using spider silk for new applications.

And finally, there are places in his world where spiders are eaten by humans. While that may seem gross to some people, it is a delicious meal in Cambodia.

My point is that it is actually easier and better to suck up a spider and release it back to nature than it is to kill it. Think of that gooey mess on the bottom of your shoe. And it is beneficial to the world! And maybe even your mental health!