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Humans and Butterflies All Flocking to See the Super Bloom

Thursday, Apr. 25, 2019

Typically, Southern California is known for its beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, and unbearable drought. But this past Fall and Winter brought more rain then the area has seen in a quite a while and those rains brought Spring flowers. Millions of them.


Do you know who loves fields of flowers? Butterflies and humans. Painted lady butterflies, in particular, are swarming up from the U.S.-Mexico border and are having a blast swarming around the flowers and laying their eggs for the next generation of painted ladies. Check out this video of a swarm of painted ladies heading to lay their eggs.

This butterfly migration is the largest one since 2005! But then, with the way above average rainfall and the lower then normal winter tempetures making the ground hold onto all that water, it’s really not too big of a surprise that this Super Bloom is well, so super.

For more information on what a Super Bloom is and how the painted lady butterflies factor into it, check out this article here!


Aside from millions of butterflies, the Super Bloom is also drawing large amounts of humans to come enjoy the views as well. Sadly though, humans can’t just walk all the flowers without hurting them the way butterflies can. With the massive crowds all flocking to the beautiful fields of flowers, people could be seen up and down the valley walking, laying, running, and setting up photography equipment all across the defenseless flowers.

Vistors plucked the flowers from the beds they grew in to take home, others were seen having picnics within the blooms. Even more fustrating were the people there for the perfect picture for social media, trampling deep into the fields to get just the right photo. Nevermind, that the Super Bloom was so large you could see it from Space, you truly didn’t need to walk into the flowers to take a picture.


One small town even had to shut down access to Walker Canyon for a night to be able to control the massive crowds. More people came to see their flowers then actually live in the town of Lake Elsinore. Check out this article from the LA Times for more information on how the large crowds both negitively and positively affected both the people and the businesses of Lake Elsinore.

Without a doubt, the Super Bloom and massive butterfly migration would be the perfect way to spend an afternoon for both Jamie and Robin. Jamie would be able to experience millions of beautiful flowers and Robin her swarms of painted lady butterflies. And maybe, together they could convince the other people visiting to be respectful of such a gift from nature.