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Who is Jamie Chen?

Growing up on a farm in rural China, Jamie Chen has always had a strong connection to the earth. But at a young age, he realizes he has an amazing and special relationship with plants. After he loses his father from an incurable illness, Jamie Chen vows to use his supernatural abilities to help heal the world around him. His determination and hard work ultimately lead him around the world – and to Robin Dell.


Guilin, China


Can communicate with and use the power of trees and plants.

“Another tree shouted to get behind it. Then we heard a bullet hit the tree’s trunk.”

“At our request the tree dropped a straight five-foot branch into our hands. A fighting handstick for us to use.”

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Jamie Chen

“A strange thing happened as we were moving from our farmhouse. I heard the pine tree communicating with the other trees.”

Who is Robin Dell?

In the picturesque setting of a Burlington, Vermont suburb, an energetic Robin Dell discovers she has a special gift: she can direct insects. But her secret power quickly turns into a selfless mission after her mother is diagnosed with MS. Determined to use her special abilities to make the world a better place, Robin makes her way to UC Davis – and eventually to Jamie Chen.   



Vermont, U.S.A.


Can communicate with and direct insects.

“I summoned a whole army of ants…I directed them to the warmth they needed. His body. Surging to him, they crawled up inside his pant leg…and then it became terribly apparent to him that he was being swarmed.”

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Robin Dell

Like all skills or powers – training was required. I didn’t let other activities interfere with my “insect exercises.”


Two minds. One mission. CHENDELL is a supernatural being. The essence of the souls and psyches of Jamie Chen and Robin Dell. CHENDELL harnesses the energies of yin and yang and the power of the natural world to save the Earth from its enemies.


Manu National Park, Peru


Can communicate with and use the power nature.

“We directed a giant centipede – 12 inches long – to skittle inside the boot of another logger and bite him. Shock and disbelief crossed his face as the excruciating pain radiated up from his foot.”

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And then it happened…A new kind of being – CHENDELL. Something different. A supernatural superhero with the passions and personalities of Jamie Chen and Robin Dell.


Their Worlds Converge

A Serendipitous Meeting

Jamie and Robin’s worlds come together at the University of California, Davis as they pursue their respective interests in botany and entomology. Despite their different backgrounds, Robin and Jamie have more in common than meets the eye. They fall in love and vow to use their powers and their knowledge for the good of the planet.

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A Supernatural Transformation

On their first research trip to the Manu National Forest in Peru – funded by the mysterious Dr. Casey Dee Roy – Robin and Jamie encounter a shaman. The unexpected consequences of this meeting lead to CHENDELL, a supernatural being with the power of the natural world and the mission to save Earth.

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