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Breathe While You Can

Wednesday, Sep. 11, 2019

There many ways to think about the devastating fires destroying the Amazon. The loss of biodiversity and animal life is horrendous enough. But the detrimental effect on the oxygen level in the earth’s atmosphere is catastrophic. The Amazon provides 20% of the oxygen we breath. The minimum amount of oxygen in the air required for breathing is 19.5 percent and only 20.9 percent of air is oxygen. If the Amazon’s contribution of 20% is seriously diminished, there could only be 16.72 percent oxygen in the atmosphere. Guess what. That’s not enough to sustain life! And how about the number of times a person breathes. While sitting in front of my computer, I take approximately 5 breaths per 20 seconds. So theoretically, with 20% less oxygen in our air, I would only be able to take 4 breaths per 20 seconds. But with less than 20.9 percent oxygen in the air, I would need to take more than 5 breaths per 20 seconds in order to keep my body sufficiently oxygenated to live. And forget about sports. Athletes would have to wear oxygen masks just to be able to compete.

What’s going on here? Our natural world is imploding and we are watching TV. Our climate is being upended and we are buying online. We really must wake up and do something! Other countries are using trade to pressure Brazil to stop the fires. Not the United States. Remember that our government doesn’t believe in climate change or protecting the environment. Our government sees this catastrophe as an opportunity to strengthen trading ties with Brazil. We cannot accept this. We must all write or call or text or email our Congressional Representatives and Senators to tell them that our vote for them depends on their taking action. And there are organizations we can contribute to money to help save the Amazon. See the following list for ideas. This is the future of our planet and humankind that is at stake. We must all be environmental SUPERHEROS!

The Rainforest Foundation

Amazon Conservation Association

Amazon Conservation Team

Rainforest Trust

And check out waterthruskin.com, a website by the eco-lifestyle blogger, Valerie Hinojosa. She is raising money to fight the wild fires which are also affecting the Amazon in Bolivia.