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Three Ways People Are Helping The Bee Population

Monday, Apr. 15, 2019

It’s been well documented that our bee population is in trouble. Without honeybees the world’s crop would be devastated because bees pollinate crops all over the world. We need bees like we need water and air. So, what can we do to help out our friendly little pollinators? Let’s see what other people are doing…

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Adidas Is Stepping Up Against Plastics

Friday, Mar. 29, 2019

We’ve talked a lot about our growing plastic problem, about reusable durable plastics, and even how the teenager’s of the world are banding together to protect their future’s. So, even though it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a major clothing/sports brand would make huge steps in limiting their plastic usage, it still somehow is.…

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New Way of Shopping Could Solve Plastic Problems

Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2019

Loop is a company with big dreams of introducing the world to durable reusable plastics. Brands like Crest, Haagen Dazs, and Dove have all aligned in a major effort to combat our planet’s plastic problems. When we think of plastic, we think of that giant patch of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean. We think about the…

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